Conference programme

2nd & 3rd April, 2019

  • Up to seven parallel tracks (SEO, PPC, Content, Analytics & Data, AI@Work and many more)
  • Networking with top experts from all over the world
  • Cutting edge tactics and strategies
  • Each session delivers hands-on content and will inspire you with new ideas

The first SMX Munich 2019 sessions are already confirmed.

The times and the exact order of the sessions will be announced later.

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The Four Horsemen of the Web Marketing Apocalypse

Rand Fishkin



Web marketing certainly isn’t going away, but four forces are combining to radically change how we’ve approached our work the last ten years vs. how we’ll have to in the decade ahead. Google’s removal of SEO opportunity, Facebook ending referral traffic, falling ad impact and rising competition spell an end to the “best practices” of the 2010s. In this presentation, Rand will look onto the horizon to see what new tactics and strategies are emerging from the ashes, and what we’ll need to know to stand out in the years ahead.

Hacking Google: Improving your SEO by Thinking Like a Hacker

Tom Anthony

Head of R&D


Tom has long been fascinated with how the web works… and how he could break it. In this presentation, Tom will discuss some of the times that he has discovered security issues in Google, Facebook and Twitter. He will talk about compromising Search Console so that he could look up any penalty in the Manual Action tool, and how last year, after he discovered a major bug that let him rank brand new sites on the first page with no links at all, Google paid him a reward for his ethical research. Tom will show some of the ways that thinking like a hacker can be applied to improving your SEO, from understanding quirks of how Googlebot works, to ways to novel analytics gathering.

The Latest & Greatest In Online Ads: New AdFormats, Update, Responsive Ads and more

Brad Geddes

Head of R&D

Big Theory

Samantha Noble

MD & Founder

Biddable Moments

Google has been steadily evolving its platform, has now launched responsive search ads (still in beta) and is talking about launching yet another new ad format (another headline). If that happens, then we might be back towards the ETA like discussions with how ads are structured and tested in a responsive / 3rd headline world and the debate over hand written ads vs responsive ones. In this session, you’ll explore the changes, ensure you are up to date and get the tactics you need to maximize the performance of your campaigns.

Advanced Tactics for YouTube Ads

Joe Martinez

Director of Client Strategy

Clix Marketing

Investment in video advertising is growing rapidly, particularly on mobile. With more options to grab audience attention on more channels, brands and performance advertisers with all types of budgets are seeing the power of digital video ads. And while YouTube may not lead to immediate, direct return, it will help boost your brand perception (if your initial targeting is precise) and grow awareness to drive future searches. In this session attendees will learn how they can do so much better than basic remarketing and reach significantly higher engagement rates. Joe will show you how to effectively invest in visual media, segment audiences, what type of video content works for which type of audience (at which place in the funnel), how to effectively target competitor audiences on YouTube as well as new, custom interest audiences.

Web Performance Madness: Going for Super-Speed Around the Globe

Bastian Grimm

President Organic Search

Peak Ace AG

Especially in a mobile-first world, fast loading websites are of outmost importance. Unfortunately, it has become really hard to measure performance as it also depends on your mobile device’s CPU amongst other factors. Also, Google has been very vocal about anything web performance in the last years and is pushing hard to innovate repeatedly. But performance is so much more! User satisfaction should be the main goal because expectations are clear: You’ve got two seconds maximum to deliver, so make it count. During his talk Bastian will be walking you through various advanced topics around web performance optimisation to make any website really, really fast. After that Bartosz will tackle the technical problems you need to solve if you want to ensure Java Script, which is used by 94% of all websites is working FOR and not AGAINST you to enable top notch user experiences.

Building the LEGO Search Strategy with Content Marketing

Luis Navarrete Gómez

Head of Global Search Marketing


If you really want to use your content efficiently, you must avoid silos. Today, users are active in so many different channels, and they want a coherent message. Easier said than done and if you have different Online Marketing teams in different countries, then it gets even more challenging. Luis will show how LEGO uses content efficiently across channels and across multiple countries, improving the search experience of users in different platforms and build a coherent strategy around a product.

A Large Scale PPC DIY Process

Rasmus Porsgaard

CTO and Founder


With destinations all over the world, 21 domains and 20 million keywords per domain holidu, a vacation rental platform, has to balance their PPC efforts on a large scale.
How do you manage all the information without getting lost? Holidu built their own tool to generate campaigns, keywords and ads as well as do bidding and analytics. Rasmus will share the key learnings from the process – the importance of structure, the mix of ‘general rules’ and attention to details and the resource commitment. The learnings can be applied no matter if you manage few campaigns or plan on building your own tool for millions of Keywords.

Migration Best Practices

Bastian Grimm

President Organic Search

Peak Ace AG

Patrick Stox

Technical SEO


Are you planning on switching to HTTPS, introducing a new CMS, changing hosting providers or relaunching your templates? Many things can go wrong, and most of the consequences are severe – but we’ve got you covered! In this session, Bastian Grimm will share hands-on advice on how you should plan a migration, as well as how to avoid the most common problems. In addition, you will learn from Patrick about the special challenges you are facing when the migration is based on M&A, user- as well as domainname/brand name change. Attend this session, and you will be well – equipped for one of the biggest SEO challenges.

Driving Inbound Links in the Age of Content

Ross Tavendale

Managing Director

Type A Media

Barry Adams

SEO Consultant

Polemic Digital

You create great content, you publish it, you get good links – everybody is happy… at least for a while. It won’t last! Today you must look at content as an asset for the future and find new and creative ways (beyond excellent writing) to win those links. In this session we will show you how to unearth and maximise hidden linkable assets to win new links, and examples of unusual content-driven link building tactics that go against the grain.

Customer Experience in the Age of AI

Purna Virji

Senior Engagement Manager


AI and machine learning are the future! But you must think about a wholistic and seamless experience for your users. And many mistakes are made. Some of them will alienate your users so much that it will take a long time to convince them to even try using your services again or even looking at your offers. In this session Purna will show you some of the common mistakes that are made when using AI (and how to avoid them) and she will discuss where trial and error is an option without alienating your customers.

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