Inhouse SEO Meeting @SMX

with Martin Splitt, Developer Advocate WTA, Google

Tuesday, 15th March, 2022

  • Participation for corporate SEOs and marketers only
  • Neutral networking and exchange (no agencies, no vendors)

Invitation to the official Inhouse SEO Meeting during SMX Munich incl. Q&A

Also in 2022, we offer you the opportunity to make your attendance at SMX even more effective and to already network with other Inhouse SEOs the evening before.

  • Maximum 100 participants
  • Exclusive meeting for Inhouse SEOs from companies (no consultants/no providers).

As always, the round is neutral and this time you can submit your questions during registration.


If you would like to attend the Inhouse SEO Meeting, please register here:

Participation in the Inhouse SEO Meeting does not require participation in the SMX. SMX participants will get preference should the meeting be fully booked, as in the past years.

We are looking forward to an exciting exchange!

Martin Splitt
Martin Splitt

Developer Advocate, Webmaster Trends Analyst Team

Google Switzerland

Martin is a developer advocate on the Webmaster Trends Analyst team at Google Switzerland. In this role, he helps developers and content creators to build great content on the web. He is involved with the web standards community as well as the global web and JavaScript developer community, working to keep the web open.

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