Why Attend

Need more reasons to attend? Convince your boss that you absolutely can’t miss SMX Munich!

It’s clear to you that you cannot miss SMX, but you need some compelling arguments to persuade your boss to grant you a few days off, release the conference fee, and cover travel expenses? In times of tight budgets, every expense is carefully considered, and that’s a good thing. We are confident that your SMX participation is definitely a good investment, and here are the reasons:


Focus! Search engine marketing, and more search engine marketing

At SMX Munich, over 1,000 speakers and participants gather, all sharing one thing in common: their passion for search engine marketing. Here, only business professionals come together, and the entire event is focused. We always look beyond the horizon, but we don’t do generic online marketing for everyone. As a result, every session, and every contact is relevant!


Speakers are part of the event, and you will have contacts that last for your entire career

At SMX, you engage with the top professionals of our industry. Our speakers are not only ready to answer your questions and engage with you on stage during Q&A but also throughout the event. You can approach anyone – we are not an anonymous event; we value a pleasant, personal, and warm atmosphere. Let’s get the conversation started.


Actionable content instead of head-nodding sessions – find solutions to your problems, making your work more efficient

Are you familiar with head-nodding sessions? Sessions where you constantly think, “Yes, that’s exactly how I feel.” Now, here’s the big BUT. Head-nodding sessions feel good, but there are no actionable takeaways. In our sessions, we offer you real solutions to your problems. It’s about practical implementation, realistic concepts. We invest a lot of time in creating the program and in our session descriptions. What’s in the program is what’s in the session. And it will help you and your company to leap forward.


Sustainable knowledge transfer instead of superficial assessments

Most handouts and slides, sometimes booklets and videos, will be provided to you by us after the conference. You can go through everything at your own pace and discuss it with your team.


Infinite networking opportunities

Since the pandemic, we value in-person exchanges even higher. At SMX, we create many opportunities for this to happen. Because our event is so focused, every participant is a valuable contact. You benefit not only from the learnings in the sessions but also from the insights of colleagues. Your expanded network benefits you and your company. Often, the most exciting conversations and the gain of the most valuable new contacts happen during exchanges after a packed conference day.


Certificate of your Participation

Upon request, you will receive a certificate from us confirming your participation. Continued education is highly valued by almost all bosses. At SMX you can take up the opportunity to further educate yourself for your company and personal development.


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