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Search Seekers

SMX Munich 2019

The Four Horsemen of the Web Marketing Apocalypse

Web marketing certainly isn’t going away, but four forces are combining to radically change how we’ve approached our work the last ten years vs. how we’ll have to in the decade ahead. Google’s removal of SEO opportunity, Facebook ending referral traffic, falling ad impact and rising competition spell an end to the “best practices” of the 2010s. In this presentation, Rand will look onto the horizon to see what new tactics and strategies are emerging from the ashes, and what we’ll need to know to stand out in the years ahead.

Rand Fishkin, Founder, SparkToro

Web Performance Madness: Going for Super-Speed Around the Globe

Especially in a mobile-first world, fast loading websites are of outmost importance. Unfortunately, it has become really hard to measure performance as it also depends on your mobile device’s CPU amongst other factors. Also, Google has been very vocal about web performance in the last years and is pushing hard to innovate repeatedly. But performance is so much more! User satisfaction should be the main goal because expectations are clear: You’ve got two seconds maximum to deliver, so make it count. During his talk Bastian will be walking you through various advanced topics around web performance optimisation to make any website really, really fast. After that Bartosz will tackle the technical problems you need to solve if you want to ensure Java Script, which is used by 94% of all websites is working FOR and not AGAINST you to enable top notch user experiences.

Bartosz Góralewicz, CEO, Onely
Martin Splitt, Developer Advocate, Webmaster Trends Analyst Team, Google Switzerland

Predictive SEO

Everyone knows that the implementation of SEO in a wide variety of areas is expensive. Therefore, you should concentrate on the topics and keywords that bring the highest ROI. Image you could predict which rankings will bring the best ROI and you could use your resources in a targeted way right from the start. In this session Sebastian will show you how it’s possible by using Predictive SEO. You’ll see you can automate classification with Machine Learning and then use Google Search Console data to predict which keyword clusters really deserve your attention.

Sebastian Erlhofer, CEO, mindshape GmbH

This Time, the Robots ARE Coming

Jim Sterne has an impressive track record looking over the horizon and telling the rest of us what to expect. He wrote his first book, “World Web Marketing:” in 1995. He wrote “Web Metrics” in 2002, He wrote “Artificial Intelligence for Marketing” in 2017. This year, he explains how robots will help you do your job and how they will transform marketing forever. Your professional, digital agents can work by your side to get the right message to the right person at the right time. But soon, marketing as we know it will change forever. If you’re in B2B or B2C and have learned to survive in a C2C world, get ready for C2B: where your customers’ bots negotiate with your bots.

Jim Sterne, Co-Founder and Board Chair, Digital Analytics Association

Hacking Google: Improving your SEO by Thinking Like a Hacker

Tom has long been fascinated with how the web works… and how he could break it. In this presentation, Tom will discuss some of the times that he has discovered security issues in Google, Facebook and Twitter. He will talk about compromising Search Console so that he could look up any penalty in the Manual Action tool, and how last year, after he discovered a major bug that let him rank brand new sites on the first page with no links at all, Google paid him a reward for his ethical research. Tom will show some of the ways that thinking like a hacker can be applied to improving your SEO, from understanding quirks of how Google Bot works, to ways to novel analytics gathering.

Tom Anthony, Head of R&D, Distilled

Migration: Best Practices and Specific Challenges for M&A and Domain- or Brand Name Change

Are you planning on switching to HTTPS, introducing a new CMS, changing hosting providers or relaunching your templates? Many things can go wrong, and most of the consequences are severe. But we’ve got you covered! In this session, Bastian will share hands-on advice on how to plan a migration, as well as how to avoid the most common problems. In addition, Patrick discusses the special challenges you face when the migration is based on M&A, user- or a domain name/brand name change. Attend this session and you will be well prepared for one of SEO’s biggest challenges.

Jamie Alberico, SEO Product Owner, Arrow Electronics
Patrick Stox, Technical SEO, IBM

How to Survive When Technology Takes Over?

Did you know that 52% of the Fortune 500 companies of 2000 don’t exist anymore? And that digital disruption will wipe out another 40% in the next decade? AI, voice & personalisation are conquering the world. Once again, technology completely changes the way we do business and communicate with prospects and clients. How can you keep on winning the hearts of your customers in this new era? How to make sure you will survive? After 18 years of successes and defeats as a digital consultant for companies as TUI, Carglass and Yoast, Karl thinks he has found the answer. And he’ll share it with you.

Karl Gilis, Co-founder, AGConsult

Adventures in SEO Cannibalisation

Dealing with over 100 Million pages in search is never an easy challenge, especially when many pages are similar in nature within an e-commerce setup. To test the theory of deduplication and its benefits, Jason and his team ran through a 6 month extended experiment focused entirely on the concept of cannibalisation in rankings. In this session he will run you through the process of issue detection, testing calibration and findings; in Google, Bing and beyond! After that Ross will go into nitty gritty agency systems that you need in place, to find cannibalisation, report on it and fix it.

Jason Paget, Senior Product Owner – SEO,
Ross Tavendale, Managing Director, Type A Media

Google Search Console – Beyond the Basics

The Google Search Console is an important tool for every SEO. In this session Stephan will show you how to generate data with the help of the API, how you can refine data by aggregation, and how to effectively use this data in your optimisation processes. You will learn how data is analysed in the GSC and what this means for SEO – beware of data traps! Get hands-on tips on how to solve SEO problems like URL cannibalisation and how to create automated reports and monitoring solutions.

Stephan Walcher, Team Lead SEO Consulting, One Advertising

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