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Google's Search Generative Experience: Prepare for Impact

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Google’s SGE is going to change the SEO landscape big time. It is important to understand these changes and their impact. In this session, Bartosz will explain all the data you should know to prepare your business for the upcoming SGE changes that may impact your organic growth. You will understand what SGE is and how it will change Google’s landscape, see what verticals and to what extent the SGE is set to impact at launch and what it all means for you. If you want to get ready for the SGE launch and stay on the safe side, this session is the one not to miss.

Jim Sterne interviews Rand Fishkin

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The one and only Jim Sterne, who was the SMX Munich keynote speaker in 2019 interviews the one and only Rand Fishkin, keynote speaker SMX Munich in 🤔 many, many years. And each year he was rocking the stage, top rated speaker, and giving us all so much inspiration. And lucky us – Rand is also back in 2024.

How to Survive When Technology Takes Over?

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Did you know that 52% of the Fortune 500 companies of 2000 don’t exist anymore? And that digital disruption will wipe out another 40% in the next decade? AI, voice & personalisation are conquering the world. Once again, technology completely changes the way we do business and communicate with prospects and clients. How can you keep on winning the hearts of your customers in this new era? How to make sure you will survive? After 18 years of successes and defeats as a digital consultant for companies as TUI, Carglass and Yoast, Karl thinks he has found the answer. And he’ll share it with you.

Karl Gilis, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, AGConsult.

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