Technical SEO 2024: A Deep Dive Into Crawling, Indexation and Internal Linking mit Johan von Hülsen @ SMX München

Montag, 11. März 2024 | 09:00 Uhr

Du willst noch mehr Wissen und noch intensiveres Arbeiten? Dann sind die Workshops vor der SMX genau das Richtige für dich. Jeder Teilnehmer erhält im Anschluß ein Zertifikat.

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ACHTUNG: Der Workshop mit Johan von Hülse wird auf ENGLISCH gehalten. Jeder Teilnehmer erhält ein Zertifikat.
Johan von Hülsen
Johan von Hülsen

SEO & Founder

Wingmen Online Marketing

Leiter: Johan von Hülsen

Montag, 11. März 2024
09:00 Uhr – 17:00 Uhr

Preis: €995 exkl. MwSt.

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This one-day workshop focusses on technical SEO at the highest level and will focus on these topics: Crawling & indexation and internal linking

  • Why are crawling and indexation two of the most critical topics to work on?
  • And why is it that Google is not indexing all your content automatically?
  • Why does Google often take so long to index a document and how can we help search engines with prioritization of our content?
  • And how do we find opportunities to improve internal linking by technical measures?
  • How does AI fit into this game (if it does at all)
  • What about Bing and all the other new search engines?

Crawling and Indexation

There is an elephant in the room. Everybody talks about it, but nobody knows how to feed it properly. His name is “crawl budget”.
Why is crawling and indexation getting more and more important? Why is it getting harder to get your content indexed by Google?


How does Googles Crawling Process work?

  • Scheduling
  • Crawl Budget
  • Recrawling

Where is it possible to speed up? Where do we have to simply wait (and hope) Googlebot?

Best practices & tips:

→ How do we make sure Google crawls our inventory?
→ How do we avoid Google crawling pages we do not want them to crawl?
→ How do we avoid common site architecture failures leading to high crawling wastage?


WHAT DO WE KNOW ABOUT Web Rendering Service?

  • Features and limitations of Googles Web Rendering Service (WRS)
  • HTML vs. JS
  • Server Side Rendering (SSR) and alternatives
  • Using synergies with Core Web Vitals (CWV) optimization

Best practices & tips:

→ How do we make sure Google reads our content properly?


Why is canonicalization more complex than setting the canonical?

  • Googles canonicalization-process
  • Features impacting canonical selection
  • AMP/Mobile/Country-Versions and others

Best practices & tips:

→ How do we make sure Google indexes the right URL
→ What can we do if Google chooses a different URL as the original?


What to do if pages don’t get indexed?

  • How to analyze indexing problems
  • How to tackle problems found
  • Does “Request indexing” in GSC do any good? What alternatives do we have?What about other search engines or vertical indexes such as News, Image and Video search or Google Discover?

Internal Linking

How does internal linking improve your rankings?

  • Craw priority
  • Topical clustering
  • Linktext relevance
  • PageRank simulation

Best practices & tips:

→ By mastering your linking strategy you can show Google exactly what is important and what’s not
→ Best practices and limitations of automated internal linking in modules and text copy
→ Common PageRank holes that drain your linkpower


How do linktexts influence our SEO?

  • Linktext uniqueness
  • Linktext relevancy
  • Other improvements

Best practices & tips:

→ How to optimize linktext usage beyond best practices
→ How to analyze improvements with linktexts?


What is topical relevance and how can we use it?

  • Measuring topical relevance
  • Shaping topical relevance
  • Ideas for simple algorithms

Best practices & tips:
→ How to use topical relevance for optimizing usability and SEO


What’s the fuzz with internal PageRank about?

  • How to measure (internal) PageRank
  • Why aggregation is so important
  • Simulating changes
  • Difference between Google PageRank and your internal PageRank

Best practices & tips:

→ How to simulate PageRank
→ How to derive relevant measures from PageRank calculations
→ How to simulate changes in internal linking
→ Why all Quick and Dirty Gephi-Style-Link-Visualisations are just Upper-Management-Smoke-Candles that won’t help you optimize anything

Über den Workshopleiter:

Johan ist SEO und Gründer der Wingmen Online Marketing GmbH. Angefangen als technischer SEO arbeitet Johan mehr und mehr in der Optimierung von strategischen, UX und inhaltlichen Bereichen. Interne Verlinkung ist der Bereich, in dem Content, UX und SEO die stärkste Verbindung haben. Interne Verlinkung muss also eine echte Leidenschaft für Johan sein.

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