Remote Management 2021: How to Build, Scale, and Create Efficient International Remote Teams & Processes mit Joanna Booth @ SMX München

Dienstag, 16. März 2021 | 13:00 Uhr

Du willst noch mehr Wissen und noch intensiveres Arbeiten? Dann sind die Workshops vor der SMX genau das Richtige für dich. Jeder Teilnehmer erhält im Anschluß ein Zertifikat.

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Der Workshop mit Joanna Booth wird auf ENGLISCH gehalten. Jeder Teilnehmer erhält ein Zertifikat.

Joanna Booth
Joanna Booth


Leiterin: Joanna Booth
Dienstag, 16. März 2021
13:00 Uhr – 16:00 Uhr

Preis: €295 exkl. MwSt.

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In 2020, remote work became the norm for companies – whether they were prepared for it or not. In 2021, more and more companies are choosing to stay remote or provide remote first options for employees. How can we as managers respond to this shift, support our teams effectively, and stay efficient without the face-to-face ease of the office? Join Joanna Booth, veteran remote manager and team builder for an actionable session filled with tips, tools, and effective workflows that any manager (but especially remote managers) can use to level up their management skills and stay ahead of the game in a world that is shifting more and more to a remote first mindset.


  • Remote First: Setting Up Your Team for Remote Success
    • Pillars of Remote Management
    • Communication
    • Workflows
    • Project Management
  • Managing Your Remote Team
    • Meetings and Check-ins
    • Agile Management
    • Setting Goals Remotely
  • Case Studies & Q&A

Who is Joanna Booth

Joanna Booth is the Head of Organic Growth Marketing at Tourlane, a Sequoia backed series-C travel tech start-up based in Berlin. With over 9+ years’ experience in organic growth marketing, Joanna has worked with start-ups, scale-ups, and enterprise companies to improve their websites, drive more traffic, and convert more leads. An advocate for remote work, Joanna has led award winning international remote teams for over 6+ years.
Thank you for your patience and my sincere apologies for the delay. Please let me know when you’re free to catch up.

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