Teaser: The Rise of AI: Beyond the Theory – Tools, Use-Cases & More

In the last 12 months, AI has been one of the most discussed topics in the performance marketing world. Tools like Jasper and DALL-E have dominated the conversations of many online marketers, and it seems, at least since the introduction of Open AI’s ChatGPT, there is almost no avoiding artificial intelligence. Companies are feverishly searching for meaningful uses for it – but what does AI actually mean for SEO, and for Google? AI: is it blessing, a curse, or is it a bit of both? Bastian will guide you clearly and concisely through the theory and, as usual, he will be bringing along plenty of practical examples. Getting started and using generative AI will feel (more) easy in no time!

Speaker: Bastian Grimm, CEO & Co-founder, Peak Ace AG

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