Teaser: The Art of Visual Storytelling

We are on day two of SMX and you heard plenty of sessions on the tactics – so it is about time to get creative. You are not the creative type? Prefer to leave the visuals to the arty type of people. You are missing a huge chance to connect with your customers, and we are going to change that. Paddy and Grant are here to help us unleash our creativity. They have been coaching teams around the world in the art of Visual Thinking, the power of persuasion, creative storytelling and the science of creativity for many years. Their knowledge becomes even more important as automation is dominating our marketing today. It doesn’t matter if you work in B2B or B2C, this session will you find your own creativity (we all have it – think back to your childhood), understand what makes your customers tick, and connect visuals to the science of persuasion – all this and more will help you not only to do better marketing, but also communicate more efficiently with your creative team. Above all, it is going to make your job a lot more fun!

Speakers: Pardeep Dhanda, Head of Agile Practices, QA Limited and Grant Wright, Chief Doodler, Visual Jam Ltd

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