Teaser: How to Identify and Fix Your International (Technical) SEO Problems Before They Collapse

So much can go wrong, and it’s destined to leave an SEO with a headache. Typically, we’d be implementing hreflang through HTML Tags, HTTP Headers, or in an XML Sitemap and religiously trying to verify that it’s set up correctly. But what happens when mistakes are made and the site doesn’t have the technical foundations to implement international tactics at scale? In this session, Billie will take you through five years of specific mistakes that a global publisher has made. We will take a deep dive into how language detection, improper template usage, and non-reciprocal hreflang could be costing you big. After this session, you will be able to identify how the technical foundations can be hindering international opportunities. You will be aware of the dangers that come with automatic language detection and understand the detailed nuances of hreflang. And, we will show you how to identify the uncommon issues with international SEO implementation.

Speaker: Billie Geena Hyde, Learning and Development Manager, SALT.agency

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