Teaser: Change is Inevitable; Progress Takes Work: Reinvent and Future-Proof Your Content Strategy

People can’t get enough of content. We consume more and more of it. Across more and more places. Through content, we’ve built brands, turned mortals into myths, shaped cultural trends and swayed public perceptions. And in an era of human-generated, user-generated and machine-generated content, there’s never been a more exciting time to be a content marketer. But beneath those heady changes, we regularly see marketers pour time and effort into content only to end up disappointed by the results.

Content marketing has lost its way, lost focus on customers, and turned into a factory assembly line. Create. Publish. Repeat. And hope. We can’t afford to go on like that. As platforms become increasingly saturated, prices and competition shoot up. Mistakes are increasingly costlier to make. And more difficult to recover from. To succeed in the highly competitive creator economy of today and the future, content marketers need to rethink their approach or go the way of the dinosaurs.

In her keynote, Purna will shine a light on the common – but costly – mistakes even the best marketers make. And show you how to reinvent and future-proof your content strategy by rooting it in the most timeless element of marketing: human behaviour.

Speaker: Purna Virji, Author, LinkedIn

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