Teaser: An If This Then That Guide To How To Work With PPC Automation

We live in a highly automated world, and brands previously limited by data volume are now being empowered to embrace automation as much as enterprise marketers. Yet with this democratization of automation come new risks: conversion tracking efficacy, budget constraints, and brand standards. In this data backed and action item oriented session, you will learn: How to decide when to lean fully into automation, share the work, or own for bidding, targeting, and creative; Understanding when to bring automation in and when to save it in different stages of an ad account including data acquisition, optimization, and scale; Data on how different automations perform and how to assess their success for your business. This session is designed for in-house and agency alike, so you can create your own path to automation success in your PPC campaigns.

Speaker: Navah Hopkins, Evangelist, Optmyzr

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