Exklusiv Interview mit SMX Keynote Sprecher Dela Quist

Interview mit Dela Quist

What is the first thing you do when you come to the office in the morning?

I usually get to the office first so my routine is:
Open up the office go to my desk set up and turn on my laptop
Then to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee
Then I start with my emails – because we have a US office I have quite a few to deal with first thing
I continue with this until people start coming to my office and then I guess the day really starts

Do you switch off your mobile phone at night?

No because I use it as my alarm and as a pure voice device it is no different to when I used to have a landline by my side. I do not get the urge to check emails or do any social/business media once I go to bed

On which social media channel are you most active? Why this channel?

I am only active on LinkedIn and Twitter because they are both very suited to business. I hardly ever use social media personally, because I have a life

Do you still shop offline?


Will you share your favourite app and your favourite blog with us?

My favourite App always has been and always will be email. My favourite blog is the Only Influencers blog http://www.onlyinfluencers.com/

Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google – in 10 years from now, which will be the most important company?

Ha – don’t forget Microsoft! What we are talking about here is what I call the battle of the Tech Giants, the interesting about this battle is that it is not about technology it is about media. The reason for this is pretty straight forward. Money. According to Gartner, global spend on PC’s Smartphones and smart devices will be $600 billion in 2016, while McKinsey say spend on media over the same period will be nearly $1.8 trillion – media is 3 times larger than tech! The market for devices while not trivial is almost a side show.

When it comes to media content is King, so in my view the likely winner of this battle is going to be the company that creates and/or controls the most content. With that in mind unless Apple & Microsoft go on a content buying spree or start to create original content (they have the money to do both) I see them as being the weakest. Google and Facebook both have a LOT of content but it is mostly user generated and as such more difficult to control package and monetise. My bet is therefore that Amazon (forget the drones) who do not even try to make money from their devices and the tech side have made content acquisitions e.g. the Washington Post, have built content delivery channels to stream music and video and are commissioning original and successful TV programmes, will be the most important Tech MEDIA & Telecoms (TMT) company.

Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Trek (The Next Generation)

When will we all have a robot at home?

I never make predictions about technology in general, devices in particular, because those predictions are almost always wrong – think of the movie Back to the future

Do you think the Google monopoly will shake or consolidate?

See the answer to my previous answer on Google and Facebook

What can attendees expect from you keynote and your session?

My sessions are always Passionate, Provocative & Playful

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