Exklusiv-Interview mit Keynote Sprecher Marty Weintraub

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What is the first thing you do when you come to the office in the morning?

Drink strong coffee

Do you switch off your mobile phone at night?

The ringer is on. Alerts and vibration are off. The idea is that if you know my phone number, you can wake me in an emergency with a call. I take DMs and texts in the AM, not when I get up in the night. The exception to leaving the ringer on is when I’m in time zones, which are very different. Sometimes I’ll protect sleep by shutting the whole damn thing down.

On which social media channel are you most active? Why this channel?

I like Twitter because ‘the’ Twitter helped make me a better storytelling writer. Also I love the public transparency and availability of data. There’s nowhere to hide in Twitter, if one is not authentic. It’s there for all to see.

Do you still shop offline?

Yes, mostly for instant gratification, products and/or services that just can’t be shipped as well. Not a lot feels better than putting a big ass LED Flat Panel in the back and taking it on home. I still like looking at every TV option in the store, back and forth. I’d pay more for a human to help me in the store.

Will you share your favourite app and your favourite blog with us?

First, my current phone is a Samsung S6 Active and it rocks…battery life toasts the S6Edge or straight S6. So that makes me a Google Play Store kind of guy.

My use everyday Apps are Google Maps, Spotify, SiriusXM Radio and Twitter. Often used Apps include Delta, Kayak & Flashlight. I run Facebook in a browser, which is awesome.

Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google – in 10 years from now, which will be the most important company?

I think shopping platforms, led by Amazon, with local distribution; stores, warehouses, trucks, drones and bellies of fire CAN win the big show. How often do you personally start your shopping directly in Amazon, skipping Google? That said, all these companies will be somehow important in ten years.

Star Wars or Star Star Trek?

Star Trek and I love both.

When will we all have a robot at home?

We already do. They’re just not ambulatory yet and require human operation J. There are many “Robotic” systems in our homes. A crawling sprinkler is a mechanical robot. Vacuum robots are pretty smart. Sometimes I feel kind of robotic. Does that count?

What can attendees expect from your keynote? The titlesSocial? Psychographics? Data? SEO? PR? PPC? What the hell is Marketing Now ANYWAY?

“Integrated marketing” is perhaps one of the most maligned English language phrases. Social channels are (big display networks + socialization features). SEO and Google News can be purchased with sponsored content, which search engines index. Eeesh.

Marketing tactics are blurred more than ever, YAY!~ Savvy marketers run finely-filtered RLSA campaigns to curated social audiences. They retarget keywords filtered by financial qualification, intent data and other psychographics. PR and SEO are inexorably wound and native advertising disrupts. Targeting is explicit, distribution ubiquitous, retargeting pervasive and filtered. In other words, It’s an AWESOME time to be a marketer!

We’ll slice and serve social psychographic influencer targeting; social, integrated with search, distributing content to media players and other influencers. We’ll rev up a no-holds barred shredding session to demystify the new, wacky, blended, #GORGEOUS universe of search and social, paid and organic marketing.

Aimclear is honored and grateful to keynote SMX Munich. It’s going to be fun, new material to share we’ve been thinking about for quite some time. We love Munich (who doesn’t) and SMX both. Safe travels. May the force be with you! You will be assimilated. Resistance is #FUTILE

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