Brad Geddes: Enhanced Campaigns haben AdWords drastisch verändert

Bild: Brad Geddes half schon auf der SMX München 2013 Tipps zur Verwaltung großer Adwords-Kampagnen

Bild: Brad Geddes half schon auf der SMX München 2013 Tipps zur Verwaltung großer Adwords-Kampagnen

Interview mit dem SEA-Experten und Gründer von Certified Knowledge

Schon 1998 hat Brad Geddes eine erste Webseite monetarisiert und schon ein Jahr später seinen ersten Pay per Click Account angelegt. Heute ist er als Autor, Sprecher und Trainer einer der weltweit bekanntesten AdWords-Experten. So zeigte er den Besuchern der SMX München 2013 praktische Tipps, wie sie mit Excel, Klicks, Click-through-rates (CTRs) und Konversionen optimal auswerten. Welche Tipps bringt er in diesem Jahr auf die SMX mit? Wir haben nachgefragt.

Brad, in which way can online advertisers target their audience better with the help of Google Adwords than one or two years ago?

The drastic change last year with Enhanced Campaign set in motion two new changes: bid modifiers and several changes to ads and ad extensions. With bid modifiers, you can automatically change your bids for mobile devices, location, or time periods; so advertisers can have create sophisticated bidding models based upon their data.

Ad extensions allow you to append additional data to your ads, such as locations or call tracking numbers (among many others); so that you can give more information to prospective customers in your ads. Extensions are so critical to a successful account, that Google even changed the way ad rank works to incorporate ad extension data.

The other major change to AdWords is the incorporation of mobile preferred data. You can easily test ads across devices or create ads for a specific device. These changes allow advertisers to take advantage to the large growth in mobile usage.

You have written, that many people don’t make the best use of Google Display Network. How should Advertisers start to use it? What’s the first step?

There is not an easy answer to this, which is why there are sessions and workshops dedicated to covering display. For most users that are new to display, there are two main ways to start trying out display.

The first is by using remarketing. This technique allows you to show your ads across the display network based upon a user’s behavior on your website. This is a great way to bring those who did not convert back to your website and give you a second change to convert the user.

The other way to try out the display network is by using AdWords’s flexible targeting option by combining placements and keywords or topics together before your ad is shown to a user. This method allows you to only show an ad on a specific site that you choose when the content of the webpage also matches the products or services you are marketing. Since the targeting is so tight, you can easily test exactly what offers will lead to conversions before breaking out into other targeting methods which bring in a significant amount of traffic.

You also offer a one-day training a day ahead of SMX Munich. Who should participate?

Almost anyone who wants to get more out of AdWords. Beginners and intermediate users will learn how to test ads, organize keywords, get more out of display, work with Google’s ad rank system, and a lot more. These users will learn a lot in a short amount of time and walk away with many new ideas to incorporate into their own accounts to improve their performance.

Advanced advertisers will learn tips and tricks that have worked in our own testing. Of course, advanced users will have some knowledge of specific items that are covered, so they should be looking for the data nuggets that will make large impacts in their account. The more advanced you are, the less total items that you will learn, but the more you can take advantage and utilize new tips that you did not know before.

Weitere Informationen zum Advanced AdWords Tagesworkshop mit Brad Geddes stehen zur Verfügung unter Am ersten Konferenztag, Dienstag, 25. März hält Brad Geddes die folgenden zwei Sessions:

11.35 Uhr: SEA 2014 – viele Puzzleteile ergeben ein optimiertes Bild – Weitere Infos unter

15.30 Uhr: Automatisierungs- und Optimierungsroutinen für den erfahrenen SEA Experten – Weitere Infos unter

Letztere Session hält er übrigens mit Frederick Vallaeys, der zu den 500 ersten Mitarbeitern von Google gehörte und bis vor kurzem als AdWords Evangelist für den Suchmaschinen-Giganten tätig war. Ein Interview mit Fred auf diesem Blog folgt in Kürze.

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