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Silent Auction

New at SMX 2020 – Buy great packages and do good at the same time!

Check out and bid on cool packages offered by SMX exhibitors.
All auction prizes will be posted here on the website.

  • Bid on each package on the form at each stand – entering a bid higher than the previous one
  • The last one on the list is the highest bidder and the winner!
  • The auction ends after the lunch break on the 2nd day of the conference, 19 March
  • Winners are announced in the exhibition hall
  • Winners donate the winning amount to one or both of the two charities pre-selected by SMX within one week
  • Winners receive a donation receipt directly from the charity


Package 1 – donated by


Peak Ace Package – SEO Performance Check, Meeting and Lunch with one of Europe’s leading agencies:
  • Organic Search Performance Check (SEO + Content)
  • For any european target market / language
  • You will walk away with a minimum of 5 concrete recommendations
  • Lunch at the Peak Ace Office and meeting so we can present our findings to you
  • Your hosts and part of the meeting and/or quick check are:
    • Bastian Grimm, Director Organic Search
    • Dominique Seppelt, Head of Content Marketing
    • Andor Palau, Head of SEO

If the winner is not from Berlin and prefers not to travel, the meeting can be arranged via video call.

Bastian Grimm
Bastian Grimm
Dominique Harris
Dominique Harris
Andor Palau
Andor Palau



Package 2 – donated by OnCrawl


OnCrawl Package – Take smarter SEO decisions with OnCrawl technical SEO platform. Combine your content, log files and business data at scale and improve your organic traffic and revenues. Package includes:

  • Up to 500K URLs/month to crawl your website
  • Log monitoring (200K daily SEO log lines quota)
  • 10 projects
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • 3 simultaneous crawls
  • Integrations with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Majestic, and more
  • Online Support
  • Javascript crawling
  • Unlimited analyses
  • Custom dashboard reports
  • Data scraping & CSV data Integration

+ 1h of setup call with a technical SEO so that the winner can be fully confident with the platform and ask the questions he/she may have.
+1h of free consultancy with Chris Green.

Chris Green
Chris Green

Chris Green is a Tech SEO/Digital marketer of nearly 10 years and overall internet nerd & Head of Marketing Innovation at Footprint Digital. Chris is a regular at conferences, webinars and near-enough anything SEO, from BrightonSEO, State of Digital Conference, Optimisey, SAScon & can be found blogging mostly on State of Digital as well as (sometimes) pontificating on Twitter.



Package 3 – donated by Caphyon / Advanced Web Ranking


Caphyon / Advanced Web Ranking Paket – SEO Audit to your website main pages with little to big things that can be improved right away:

An audit to your website main pages from an SEO perspective and not only, without any rocket science involvement – because most audits are either too technical or they take a huge amount of time to complete and to see results from:

  • Semantic HTML and accessibility and best practices
  • Front-end performance tuning (CSS, JS, HTTP requests, etc.)
  • UI & UX overall
  • Plus anything that could improve your overall website performance

The aim of this audit is to provide actionable insights for your main website pages and to give constructive feedback with little to big things that can be improved right away. Everything in the audit result will be discussed in a 1h-2h scheduled call.

Catalin Rosu
Catalin Rosu

Catalin Rosu is a front-end developer at Advanced Web Ranking and a passionate about cutting-edge web techniques. He often tweets and writes about that, more or less. Also, here are some bits of examples of what to expect from this audit:

Faster and More Accessible: the new
I inspected the website



Package 4 – donated by SEM Boutique


SEM Boutique Package – Google Ads Account Check incl. Brewery Tour at Giesinger:

We combine the useful with the pleasant: Our top experts and SMX speakers will analyse your Google Ads account in advance and discuss the potentials with you before we take a tour of the brewery at Giesinger Bräu.

Your hosts are Oliver Zenglein (Managing Director) and Sebastian Stryj (Director Performance Marketing).

In a 90-minute session, you will receive Hands On tips that will help you optimize your Google Ads account immediately. We will work out the potential beforehand, provided we get access to the account (under NDA).

Since our office is located directly above the Giesinger Brewery, we would like to invite you to take a look behind the scenes and learn more about the art of brewing directly in the brewhouse. In a subsequent Craft Beer tasting you will meet (+1) more SEM Boutique colleagues. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Oliver Zenglein
Oliver Zenglein
Sebastian Stryj
Sebastian Stryj



Package 5 – donated by SE Ranking


SE Ranking Package:

SE Ranking is an all-in-one SEO platform for any project, any level, any budget. We provide a complete set of tools for a comprehensive site audit, competitor analysis, website ranking, keyword suggestion and grouping, backlink monitoring, automated professional reporting, and much more.

Let’s get you started with SE Ranking SEO Software! You will get a one-year Plus subscription, which includes:

  • Tracking rankings of 1,000 keywords in 5 major search engines
  • 25,000 backlinks for monitoring
  • 150,000 pages per month for Website Audit
  • 100 webpages for changes monitoring
  • White Label
  • Marketing Plan
  • SEO Reporting Tool
  • PPC/SEO Competitor Research Tool
  • Mobile App
  • Social Media Management Tool
  • Unlimited Sub-accounts
  • Lead Generator
  • Backlink Checker
  • On-Page SEO Audit

+ 1 hour a setup/demo call with one of our VIP managers.
+ Amazon Kindle 10th Gen. eBook to never lose an opportunity of self-education on the go

Besides, we partnered with HelpCrunch for this charity auction. It is the highest-rated (4.9/5 based on 300+ reviews) customer communication platform that helps you generate more inbound leads and sales on your website, send laser-targeted customer engagement campaigns, and provide multi-channel customer support in one place.
You will get a one-year Standard Live Chat subscription for 3 team-members which includes:

  • unlimited contacts
  • 1 chat widget
  • 3 chat auto-messages
  • 3 popups
  • Help Desk
  • Knowledge Base
  • Full customization
  • HelpCrunch branding
  • Live chat support
Ksenia Khirvonina
Ksenia Khirvonina
Bogdan Babyak
Bogdan Babyak
Stasia Avetysian
Stasia Avetysian



Package 6 – donated by Package – Start your work OS journey in (free onboarding and 1 month subscription):

In our deep dive session (“WORK OS: From Marketing Strategy to Immaculate Execution”) you’ve seen how powerful and flexible is and how it enables all kinds of team to collaborate together – especially in the marketing world.

To make your start even better – we offer a full onboarding package with our certified partner tmnxt and one month subscription for free. Included are (with a total of 16h):

  • Requirement-Workshop
  • Board and Dashboard creation
  • Training
  • Support /

Barak Zigdon
Barak Zigdon
Dmitry Rasin
Dmitry Rasin





Global Dignity

Lack of dignity is the root of many challenges we face today, such as unequal pay for women, exploitation of 3rd world resources, child labor, etc. Since 2006, GLOBAL DIGNITY works around the world with over 2 million kids and adults teaching everyone about dignity, gender equality, fairness and respectfulness. These powerful values are often missing online and in everyday interactions. GLOBAL DIGNITY uses workshops, talks and art installations to bring dignity back for all people.

HRH Crown Prince Haakon, Co-founder Global Dignity
HRH Crown Prince Haakon, Co-founder Global Dignity

GLOBAL DIGNITY uses workshops, talks and art installations to bring dignity back for all people



Konna e.V.: Project Life – Self-help for a Mali Village

More than one third of Mali’s population has no access to clean drinking water. 95 percent of Mali’s children along the Niger River suffer from bilharzia, a dangerous tropical disease.

10,000 people live in Konna, the largest village in the flood area of the Niger River north of Mopti. The river is their elixir of life. But life from Niger is also accompanied by creeping death. Pathogens multiply in the river and are transmitted during bathing, washing or fishing.

“Help for self-help” is the most important goal of Konna e. V. Apart from short-term help for local health care, the training of medical personnel from the Konna region, prevention and education about health risks are the key to solving important everyday problems. The people of Niger are to be given the means and methods to improve their health situation independently in the long term. In the association Konna e. V. doctors and honorary members are engaged financially and expertly for the people in the Mali region. Konna e. V. is also on site in order to be able to provide unbureaucratic and effective “help for self-help”. The association supports the everyday life situation of the Konna inhabitants with targeted measures for health education, care and prophylaxis.


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