ISS – International Search Summit @ SMX Munich

Monday, 1st April, 2019 | from 8.00 am

  • Clear focus on international online marketing optimization
  • Top international speakers
  • Tactics, strategies and case studies for international success

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Join us at SMX Munich on Monday 1st April to really take your global campaigns to the next level and grow your business around the world!

Success in international digital marketing is not just about translating your website and localising your content. It’s not just about technical expertise in geo-targeting or automation. It’s not simply reliant on processes across global teams.
It’s a combination of all of these factors, and more. Global search success comes from combining local, cultural knowledge and expertise with technical skills and robust efficient processes, whatever your business size or sector.
The International Search Summit takes these pieces of the jigsaw and puts them together. A range of expert speakers with diverse experience will share insights, tips and tactics across the key components of success global campaigns and leave you with a clear vision of how to take your international efforts to the next level.
The sessions at ISS will assume some level of knowledge of search practices and techniques, and they will focus on the specific challenges, considerations and tactics that impact international online campaigns.

What past delegates said:


“I very much enjoyed the ISS! Actually talking to people who know what you’re talking about when you mention hreflang-tags and geo-targeting was great. There was a sense of mutual interests that you don’t often come across in your daily work”
Arne van Elk, RNW

“The International Search Summit exceeded my expectations. I was pleasantly surprised by the high professionalism of the speakers as well as the friendly atmosphere. This event has proven that the most valuable information doesn’t have to be presented by ‘Internet celebrities’. It was a pleasure for me to meet real thought leaders in multilingual search marketing”
Martin Kura, Consultant

“Awesome speakers. Great insights. Perfect event.”
Markus Doll, Head of Online Marketing at Chrono24

Confirmed Sessions

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Monday - 1 April, 2019

Sessions are partially or completely in English.

How to motivate, gamify and drive SEO programs across multiple markets

Nick Wilsdon has spent years designing and deploying high-performance SEO programs across multiple local markets for well-known multinational brands. This talk will cover lessons he's learnt in terms of how best to engage and direct local markets with SEO. Beyond technical SEO skills, you will need an understanding of corporate strategy and how to use analytics, business cases or gamification to get SEO techniques deployed. This talk is for anyone working within a large or medium-sized organisation or an external agency attempting to get their SEO recommendations deployed.


Nick Wilsdon, Search Product Owner, Vodafone Group

Sessions are partially or completely in English.

Optimising SERP appearance in international search engines

The search engine result pages have changed dramatically in recent years, with the 10 blue links definitely a thing of the past. With so many features appearing, understanding how to maximise SERP visibility is a priority for SEOS. In this session, Izzi Smith will look at the myriad of search features available in global search engines including Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex and share tips and tricks for identify and improve CTR problems across international domains. She’ll also look at how to scale and roll-out structured data strategies internationally and finishing by looking at what else to expect from the SERPS in 2019.


Isobel Smith, SEO Manager, Sixt

Sessions are partially or completely in English.

Navigating the complex world of geo-targeting and hreflang

For anybody managing global websites, geo-targeting is one the biggest challenges. If you’ve invested in creating localised, relevant content for each target market, you want to make sure it reaches the right audience. This session will investigate the different geo-targeting options available and provide advice on how to determine the right strategy for your business.


Andy Atkins-Krüger, CEO, Webcertain

Sessions are partially or completely in English.

Technical Traps in international SEO and how to avoid them

There are many technical SEO factors at play with any website, but international sites have additional factors to consider and manage. In this session, Gianna will dig into some of the issues she’s encountered ranging from hreflang implementation to international relaunches to crawl frequency and share practical advice for overcoming the pitfalls and improving global SEO performance.

Sessions are partially or completely in English.

Remarketing 2.0: Combining Digital Out Of Home, Media and Video in Yandex

Description to follow


Maria Dirina, Senior Account Manager, Yandex

*Sessions and Speakers could be subject to change


Andy Atkins-Krüger
Andy Atkins-Krüger



Andy Atkins-Krüger is the CEO of WebCertain Group, an international web marketing agency which brings together native speakers from countries around the world to provide a centralized hub for clients. It is one of the only agencies to focus solely on international projects and covers over 44 languages in-house.

Andy contributes regularly to publications and blogs on international search. He writes regular of He also speaks regularly at conferences around the world including SMX, SES, Eye for Travel, Click Asia Summit and PubCon. In addition,Andy is the Chair of the International Search Summit.

Maria Dirina
Maria Dirina

Senior Account Manager


Maria is an online marketing expert and a Senior Account Manager at Yandex, responsible for the Italian, French and Spanish markets. She has extensive experience in managing high-budget campaigns for global brands in European markets, top-tier partner relationships and government relations communications. She's worked on client, agency and search engine side and has served as Deputy Press Secretary for the British Embassy in Moscow.

Isobel Smith
Isobel Smith

SEO Manager


Izzi Smith is the SEO Manager for Sixt UK and has worked and lived in Munich for 3 years since moving from her hometown in Manchester, UK. 

Nick Wilsdon
Nick Wilsdon

Search Product Owner

Vodafone Group

Nick has worked in digital marketing since 1998. Moving to Russia in 2003 he specialised in multilingual search and broadening his knowledge across digital channels, content and PR. During this time he contributed to the Russian digital startup community; working with Yandex, the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and the US State Department.
Returning to the UK in 2011, Nick then built and led marketing teams at Arena Media, Havas Media Group and the Dentsu Aegis Network. As the technical SEO lead at Vodafone Group since 2014, he has improved online performance and customer experience across 22 international markets.  As an advocate for raising standards in online marketing, Nick judges the UK Search Awards and EU Search Awards. He enjoys speaking at conferences on the topics of mobile/data-first marketing, cross-channel campaigns and technical SEO. Outside work, he enjoys cycling and taking part in Prince’s Trust cycling events.

More speakers coming soon…

*Sessions and Speakers could be subject to change

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