Advanced Technical SEO Workshop with Bastian Grimm @ SMX München

Tuesday, 14th March, 2023 | 9.00 am

You want even more knowledge and intensive working?
The workshops are the perfect addition to your SMX ticket. Every attendee will receive a participation certificate.

Workshop Overview

The following workshop with Bastian Grimm will be held in ENGLISH. Every attendee will receive a certificate.
Bastian Grimm
Bastian Grimm

CEO & Co-founder

Peak Ace AG

Leader: Bastian Grimm

Tuesday, 14th March, 2023
9:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Price: €895 excl. MwSt.

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This Workshop focusses on technical SEO at the highest level as well as the discussion of current SEO trends and changes.

Workshop content

Advanced Technical SEO – 2022 Edition

Focus: crawling, indexing, linking, speed, international & migration

  1. Crawler Control Strategies
    • Intro to crawl budget
    • txt / robots meta & canonical tags
    • headers (redirects, errors, X-Robots, etc.)
    • XML Sitemaps
    • Best practice overview, tips & tricks
  2. JavaScript SEO
    • Rendering components overview
    • Rendering strategies explained
    • Debugging and analysing JS SEO issues
    • JS SEO best practices
  3. Internal linking
    • Intro to internal linking
    • Best practices, tips & how-tos
    • Common issues & pitfalls
    • Internal linking Q&A
  4. (or: Logfile auditing)
    • Intro to logfile auditing for SEO
    • Tool landscape overview
    • Hands-on auditing: my favorite reports explained
    • Peak Ace logfile auditing stack (merging crawl, analytics, GSC & logfile data)
  5. Web Performance Optimisation
    • Intro to Core Web Vitals & Lighthouse
    • Optimising images & custom web fonts
    • JavaScript performance best practices
    • CDNs, pre-* & more
    • Critical rendering path optimisation
    • Performance budgeting & more
  6. International SEO
    • Common mistakes in international SEO
    • Domain setup and structure
    • hreflang & geotargeting
    • International SEO best practices
  7. Migration Best Practices
    • Migration preparations
    • Pre-testing, change management & implementation
    • Search Console settings
    • Tracking & logfiles for migrations
    • Post migration to-do’s
    • Tips and Q&A

Target group

  • In-house SEOs with more than two years of experience who want to take their SEO knowledge to the next level
  • SEOs who have been working in agencies for at least two years and would like to deepen their SEO knowledge

SEO beginners with less than two years of experience might eventually have problems following us. Of course, everyone is most welcome to join us. However, please be aware that we will try and get through a lot so that we will have a tight schedule that day. Unfortunately, there will not be enough time to explain basics.

The workshop places are limited – secure your space now!

About the workshop leader:

Bastian Grimm is the CEO & Co-founder of Peak Ace and a renowned expert in large-scale, international SEO, managing sites of almost any size and in highly competitive industries.cWith more than 20 years’ experience in online marketing, technical and global SEO, Bastian was named “Search Personality of the Year” at the 2019 European Search Awards: a welcome acknowledgement of his contributions to a rapidly evolving industry. He currently oversees both Peak Ace’s search engine optimisation and content marketing initiatives. Bastian’s believes that understanding a target market means not only getting to grips with the language, but also the culture. This has given him a unique perspective on how to reach global audiences. Bastian leads a thriving team of expert native speakers, equipped to serve clients in 20+ languages, and the results speak for themselves.cA full-service performance marketing agency with a focus on “all things search”, Peak Ace has a flair for over-achieving. Having been named a FOCUS growth champion for multiple years in a row, as well as scooping up trophies at both the European Search and Drum Search Awards, Bastian is proud to lead such an innovative, ever-expanding company. His secret? Dynamic, decisive processes, a phenomenal team and always going to bed with an empty inbox.

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