Advanced Technical SEO Workshop mit Bastian Grimm @ SMX München

Donnerstag, 3. September 2020 | 09:00 Uhr

Du willst noch mehr Wissen, noch intensiveres Arbeiten, und einfach noch mehr aus deiner Zeit auf der SMX herausholen?
Dann sind die Workshops am Tag vor der SMX das Richtige für dich.

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Der Workshop mit Bastian Grimm wird auf ENGLISCH gehalten.

Bastian Grimm
Bastian Grimm

Director Organic Search

Peak Ace AG

Leiter: Bastian Grimm
Donnerstag, 3. September 2020
09:00 Uhr – 17:00 Uhr

Location wird bekannt gegeben

Preis: €895 exkl. MwSt.

Inkludiert sind zwei Kaffeepausen, Mittagessen und Softgetränke
Die Workshopplätze sind limitiert – sicher dir deinen Platz rechtzeitig!

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Zeitlicher Ablauf:

08:00 Uhr – Anmeldung
09:00 Uhr – Workshop
10:15 Uhr – Kaffeepause
10:45 Uhr – Workshop
12:30 Uhr – Mittagspause
13:30 Uhr – Workshop
14:45 Uhr – Kaffeepause
15:15 Uhr – Workshop
17:00 Uhr – Workshop Ende

This one-day workshop focusses on technical SEO at the highest level as well as the discussion of current SEO trends and changes.

Workshop content

  • Crawling & indexation: best practices for controlling web crawlers
  • Robots.txt & robots meta tags
  • Canonical tags
  • X-robots header
  • Crawler control tips & tricks (PRG, etc.)
  • Log file, crawlability & crawl gap analysis / auditing
  • Which pages should be included in the Google index and why?
  • Crawlability is not the same as indexing: solutions to the dilemma
  • HTTP response codes – obstacles & facts worth knowing
  • 3XX: redirects (incl. maintenance, redirect chains, domain migrations)
  • 4XX + 5XX: proper handling of error codes (incl. retry-after, 404 vs 410, etc.)
  • What else is there and what can I use it for?
  • Internal linking
  • Best practices & strategies
  • Identify weak spots and opportunities
  • Link control & link hubs
  • Pagination done right
  • Technology
  • Welcome to the “Mobile First Index ” – what do I need to know?
  • JavaScript SEO – angular, react & other JavaScript craziness
  • Speed, speed, speed
  • Basic things that everyone should do, but only a few people are aware of
  • Performance Optimisation Best Practices (Critical Rendering Path, etc)
  • Site speed “2.0“ – HTTP/2 and other new performance optimisation strategies
  • International
  • Hreflang / geo setups
  • Multi-domain setups
  • Latest updates discussion

Target group

  • In-house SEOs with more than two years of experience who want to take their SEO knowledge to the next level
  • SEOs who have been working in agencies for at least two years and would like to deepen their SEO knowledge

SEO beginners with less than two years of experience might eventually have problems following us. Of course, everyone is most welcome to join us. However, please be aware that we will try and get through a lot so that we will have a tight schedule that day. Unfortunately, there will not be enough time to explain basics.

Sicher dir deinen Workshopplatz rechtzeitig. Die Teilnehmerzahl ist limitiert!

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