International Search Summit @ SMX Munich

Monday, March 13, 2017 – Nemetschek Haus, Munich

International Search Summit
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The International Search Summit digs deeper than any other event into the topics and issues that matter to international search marketers. ISS Munich is the ideal event for anybody involved in running, implementing or managing online marketing projects in more than one language or country. Led by the international search specialist’s at Webcertain, with the help of some special guests, it’s a full day of international content guaranteed to give you new insights, tactics and techniques to help improve your global website performance and return on investment.

At the International Search Summit, you’ll get:

  • In-depth sessions on the most important and challenging factors of international SEO
  • Actionable tactics and takeaways to improve your international performance and ROI
  • The opportunity to network with speakers and fellow delegates to share experiences and find the answers to your international SEO questions
  • Insights into the global search landscape and the international opportunities for businesses
  • Access to a wealth of reports, research, whitepapers and articles on international search

And you’ll learn:

  • The latest developments, functions and features of the major global search engines
  • Where the biggest global opportunities lie and how to take advantage of them
  • How to manage and scale global search activities and teams around the globe
  • The fundamentals of geo-targeting and how to ensure users see the content targeted at them
  • How to conduct effective keyword research in multiple languages
  • When and how to consider culture in international campaigns
  • How to scale and adapt content for a multilingual audience


And much more! Join us at SMX Munich on Monday 16th March to really take your global campaigns to the next level and grow your business around the world!

What past delegates said:

“I very much enjoyed the ISS! Actually talking to people who know what you’re talking about when you mention hreflang-tags and geo-targeting was great. There was a sense of mutual interests that you don’t often come across in your daily work” – Arne van Elk, RNW

“The International Search Summit exceeded my expectations. I was pleasantly surprised by the high professionalism of the speakers as well as the friendly atmosphere. This event has proven that the most valuable information doesn’t have to be presented by ‘Internet celebrities’. It was a pleasure for me to meet real thought leaders in multilingual search marketing” – Martin Kura, Consultant


The programme will be available shortly.

*Sessions and Speakers could be subject to change


Information about our speakers will follow soon.

*Sessions and Speakers could be subject to change

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